Chocolat…..Movie Review

This is just a feel good movie and it just brings me some comfort. IT is about a woman and her daughter who comes to a French village during Lent and open up a Chocolate Shop. But the Mayor has forbidden the people of the village from going there. I think it is just cool how she just seems to know what others favorites are. But she can’t seem to pick out Johnny Depp’s character’s favorite all through the movie. I like how it shows all the difference of people does not really matter. That something as simple as Chocolate can bring people together.

It makes me think of all the times that chocolate is used to bring smiles to people’s faces or used to help fix a broken heart. I have taken all the times in my life learning to make chocolates. It is something I am working one. There are things in the movie I would like to try and make. I have watched this movie several times since I saw it for the first time. I can’t give it all way. It is one of those movies you have to watch to understand. It is kind of hard to put all the feelings and emotions this movies pulls out of me.

It brings to mind all the types of ways chocolate can be consumed. There are candy, cookies, cakes, pie, fudge, hot chocolate, in savory dishes, toppings for things, and even as body paint for the freaky out there. This is making me wish there was some chocolate in the house. Thinking of it over strawberries or even peanut butter cups. Okay I am done talking for this meeting.



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