I have had migraines all of my life and some days they are okay and other days they just knock me on my ass. Today I could barely thinks straight and I know that is pretty bad. I am not sure if others feel completely drained once the pains has faded enough for other senses to come back on line. I just want to curl up and cry. My eyes burn like they are on fire and there is not much I can do to get rid of the pain. I just want to scream and hide. But as it is for most people there are other people and their needs come before your own. Like I cook dinner for my family. So when I am not well I still have to pull it together and get food on the table. I did not eat dinner tonight cause food is the last thing on my mind when my head feels like it is going to explode. Even the sounds and smells make my stomach roll. The after shocks, that is what I call the pains after the migraine is over, are just as bad if not worse then the migraine.

It makes me tired as hell and I am barely hold on to write this. But the reason for this blog is to help me write everyday. So that I get in the habit. But this kind of put a block on my creative mind. SO I am doing my best to add this. My eyes hurt and ears are ringing. I should be in bed and taking care of me. I guess it is time to stop I can’t see through the fog anymore. I feel like I am just going to pass out. Got knocked on my ass today. Maybe I will be okay after some sleep.


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