Coloring Books…..Therapy…..

I have tried a lot of different things to cures for Migraines, but when I was told of Coloring Therapy I was not sure what to thinking. It was years ago. But what I was told is that coloring in Coloring books would help. It would make me focus and relax. I was not sure what it was supposed to do. Until I left the doctor’s offices on the way home I stopped and got a simple coloring book and a box of 24 crayons. It only had about 50 pages in it. I was 19 years old at the time. When I got stressed I would color. I was so surprised when it helped me relax. After I finished a picture or two I would not be thinking about the pain anymore and I was not all curled up in the dark feeling like I was going to die from the pain in my head. So over the years I would buy more and more. So that I could keep de-stressing that way. Soon the 24 boxes of crayons would not do so I went on to the 36. Then to the 90+ and even a box of 120. Several coloring books. I have kinds that I like and kinds that I did not. Well away with the tanish pages. Now Crayola coloring books have white pages and it makes the colors stands out more.

That leads me to what I did to day. I get more Migraines in the warmer months. So I wanted new crayons and when I got to the store today I say they had a new collection of Crayons. This set has 152 crayons in it and there were several new Crayola colorings books. So I got a couple of them and the crayons. They are actually in a pile next to my lap top. Once I finish this blog post I am going to pick one of the new ones. Since I have not actually looked through them yet. I hope if another Migraine suffer reads this and maybe it will work for them as it did for me. I am not saying it works all the time. But it does help when I am stressed.

Good night Good night.


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