I was just walking outside and I can smell lilacs, wild roses, and fresh-cut grass. There are white and purple lilacs growing in the yard. The smell of them make me think of my childhood and the summers of years gone by. Just one smell and I am a 5 years old again riding on my little bike or playing in the sprinkler. Running around with my twin sister. I think about those scents all the time about this time of year. It makes me think of my family and that is the most important matter in my life. Without them I would not be the person I am. It is not just the nature scents that bring back memories.

One of the things that brings my family together in our culture is food. One of my favorite scent is when my mother or grandmother is making bread. It brings to mind family gathering. Family all around laughing and telling stories of years gone by and of what is going currently. I personally can’t make bread but I love when I cook pasta. One of my favorite things is mac and cheese. Or when the family gets to for a BBQ. The smell of the smoke and cooking meat. Yummy!!

Or in the window when I make my special cocoa. I put my mix of chocolates. My own blend of spices. With a little marshmallows and shaved chocolate. Just fills the air and smells like the season. I am making myself hungry again. Even if it is hot outside chocolate sounds wonderful. Making I should try to make an iced version. Just getting my mind working. I think I am just tired. Until next we meet.



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