In the dead of the night

A cloak of enchantment

Drifts over the world

Allowing the unseen to be unveiled


Come walk the eerie and bewitching pathways

That leads you through the cemetery

To say it is haunted

Is morbid, but all to true


See each grave, tomb, and mausoleum

Each headstone and engraving….RIP

Does little justice to the life contained within

For there is more than skeletons here…but what?


Secrets…what kinds of secrets?

One of grisly things

Or one of pain

Some not meant to be kept



Hear the bells in the distance

The witching hour is upon us



Do you hear their otherworldly voices?

Strange, spooky, and supernatural

Their incantations whispered around the cauldron

In the woods beyond the cemetery’s gates


Will you keep going?

Knowing out right

The full moon

Will not always illuminate your path


Will you venture on?

Even under the dark moon

Or go back to the safety

Of your home


For you will never be sure

Of what you will encounter

Ghouls or goblins

Or the Grim Reaper

One day he will come for us all

Lantern in one hand

Scythe in the other

An empty hourglass around his neck


Out of time

The only sure thing in life

Leaving us in ruin

The casket is closing….too soon





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