This Writer’s Mind….

With the lack of sleep I have been getting as of late my mind is going all over the place. Especially the dreams that I have been having. I have been trying to do some writing for a novel. But I can seem to keep my mind on anything in the last few years. I have written things that I just become obsessed with and now I am lucky if that idea stays with me for more than a few hours to three days at the most. Then I seem to lose interest in it. I was told years ago that over 95% of all writers’ idea never make to the page. So think of all the time you go to any books store and sees all the books. They are the 5% of the ideas that became another author’s obsession. Sometimes that just makes me wonder if I push a little harder that maybe one day one of my books will be on the shelves in one of those books stores. I write almost all of my ideas down. I have notebooks upon notebooks put away and sometimes I go through them. So that I can see what my interests have gone.

I write about witches, vampires, demons, elves, fairies and anything else of the supernatural and paranormal world. Something that the genres just calls to me. I have been into all of this since I was very young and it was long before I know how real some of being really are. I have been told more than once since I started writing that I need to grow up. I am not sure what growing up has to do with my writing but they seem to think that my way of thinking does not fit in to genres. I am not sure any book fits perfectly in to any genre. I let all kind of things inspire my creativity. I read a lot to keep me up to date. I read about 100 to 300 books a year. That is one of the reasons I got me a kindle. That way I have many books at my finger tips. I guess it is my way of getting into other author’s minds.

I have been working on something that might end up as a series of short stories on this blog. It does depend on if I can keep my focus on it enough to write all of it. I guess that is enough for this night. I am getting tired.



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