Sweet Treat Gifts

My sister was out of town for a few days and when she came home she brought me some sweets. The first was a couple of bottles of Green River. It is a soda from my childhood. I remember my uncles telling me I could not drink it cause it was a beer and it would turn me green. I still love it. It is hard to find outside the soda shops. My sister found it at this candy play on her trip. She brought me three bottles of it. I had one with dinner tonight. It was something I have not had in awhile. I love it. It reminds me of this diner that used to be down the street from my appointment in college. I would go there and get a green river and fries. I would spend time there doing homework or writing.

Another thing my sister brought me was chocolate covered raspberry and strawberries. Oh mind it was dark chocolate and it really brought out the flavor in the berries. It was so night. I have made them a few times myself even with white chocolate. I usually make them for special occasions for the family. So it does bring good memories to mind. I should not be trying to blog when I am this tired. But this is the only really time I have to myself when everyone is in bed. Off to bed…



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