Urban Legends….

I have been reading all about urban legends. Even before they made moves about them. There are the ones we all know and have heard the stories before. It makes me wonders if there is any truth to the stories because they had to come from somewhere. I am trying to think of which ones to talk about in this blog. I have heard and read so many. There is one we all and probably most of us have tried and the is the Bloody Mary one. Had a terrible and very spooky experience with this one. I was staying the night with my aunt and cousin Eli. He decides that he is going to give a try so he goes around the living room and the dinning room combo and turns off all the lights. Now I kid thee not by between the two room there are six mirrors. I am sitting in a chair and watching him in the dark and he starts saying the little rhyme. So he says over and over and I was thinking to myself that nothing is going to happen, but boy was I wrong. The air got think like you could not breath and I remember coughing and looking over him. Than I saw it…er I mean her. She was stepping out of the mirrors. Eli is screaming bloody murder from across the room. I can smell blood and dirt and I do the only thing I can do. I force myself out of the chair and turn on the light near the front door. All I could think about after that is my Aunt was going to be so pissed at us. When she got home she did not even let me eat the pizza she made me go home cause the neighbors called the police. So he was in a lot of trouble.

There are many others out there. Such as the Babysitter and the Man upstairs. That is the one where the babysitter is getting calls all night and finds the calls are coming from in the house. There are several versions of each of the legends that I am going to mention. There is another Aren’t you glad you did not turn on the lights? I have read at least three versions of that one. There is also the one titled: Humans can lick, too. Also the Kidney thieves. Another is Killer in the Backstreet. I look in the back every time I get into any vehicle. It is just a force of habit after all these years. Make me sound really old.

Recently I was told another story it is called the Clown Statue. It is a babysitting story as well. The girl comes over and the parents tell her after the kids go to bed that she can go to the tv room because they did not want her wondering around this big house. The parents leaves and the girl puts the kids to bed. Then goes to the room and the watches tv, but there in the corner is this life size clown statue and she swears it is looking at her. She does her best to ignore it but it is creeping her out. So the called the father and asks if she can cover it. The father tells her to get the children and get outside then call him back. She does as he asks and when she gets out side she calls him back. The father tells her they do not have a clown statue and there is a serial killer and thief around the neighborhood. The house was so big they did not know he was hiding in the house. That is one of the reason I don’t babysit.

I know there  are lots more out there if you read this please leave a comment of your favorite UL.



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