Gifted Journal.

My mother and sister had gone out-of-town and gotten back today and they brought me a journal. It is black with gold lettering. It says on the cover: “300 Writing Prompts.” So I just flipped through and where I stopped is what I am going to write about tonight. I had never seen a journal before and I just loved it. It just goes to show how well that they know me. I love that about them.

I came across one that says:

You have been given $100 on the condition that you must spend it all on yourself. What will you do with your money?

Well before I answer that just let me say that I have a very hard time do this. I would rather do something for someone rather than me. Just how I am.

I guess if I had to spend it on taking myself to Lunch and just enjoy trying something new.  I have never had Korean food. Then maybe I would window shopping and see if anything catches my eyes. Then on to an afternoon of Movies. With all the fixings. Popcorn and Soda. Then after the movies to a light dinner and dessert. A time for myself. I am not sure a get a lot of that. That is how I would spend it on me.

How would you do it? I am curious to know



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