Fairy Tales

I have been reading a lot of fairy tales as of late and I have come to a conclusion. Does not matter how many times that they are redone they still hold the same message as the original. I believe that one of us has a story to tell and with each day or page we are writing our own story, but in reality there are not a lot of HEAs.

But that does not mean there is no still something magical about all this. I think that it is just a way to bring happiness and love back into a world that seems to be growing ever dark with each passing day. I am sure each of us has a favorite. It comes to my attention that the Grimm’s tales were not about happy and cheery like the Disney versions, but nothing is. It just goes to show over the centuries that little changes and but sometimes there are untold sides to some of the legends that we know best. It is our way of opening our minds to something that we thought we knew that was not true to begin with or maybe it is. It is all in the heart of the reader what to believe.

Even I have a favorite and would you be believe the first time I saw it.  It made me cry because it was not the HEA Disney version. She did not get her prince  and the evil witch won and she was turned to sea foam.  Yes my fave is the Little Mermaid. Both empowering and sad all at once. So that a chance at freedom and love is worth dying for. Still makes my chest tighten even after all those years.



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