Haunted Items?

I like anyone else love to shop on-line because I live out in the middle of nowhere. So sometimes I can get what I am looking for on-line instead of my local shops. I do live in an area that is very close minded to anything unique and different. That is just how it goes sometimes. But I have been noticing an ever-growing trend. I like spooky and creepy things, but I am not sure I would go to this extreme because I am not sure it would be safe, but that is just my opinion. I guess I should just explain what I am talking about.

I like antique things, but I don’t want haunted items. I am not sure if the items on the sites are actually haunted or not. I could not tell from the reviews that I read. Some of the items that I came across are Dolls, jewelry, cars, painting, and even furniture. I could understand that if the item was sold unknowingly that it was haunted or possessed, but to do it willing to others who might not know what the true risks are could be extremely dangerous. I am not sure a little warning on the page is enough. Cause it could be taken as a joke and the person buys it and someone get hurt. I am not sure that is the intension. There are almost some that claim the possessing spirit or entity is helpful. It could be true but I am not brave enough to purchase anything. Just to be on the safe side.

I have even come across some items that are “infamous” in the haunted or possessed items. I had heard of a few of them but some were a mystery to me:

  •  Like Annabelle. A possessed doll that is a Raggedy Anne doll that a mother got for her daughter as a birthday present back in the 1970’s.
  • eBay Haunted Painting. It was a painting done by an Artist by the name of Bill Stoneham. The actual name of the painting is Hands Resist Him. It is said to call fear, sickness, and even death.
  • Myrtle Plantation Mirror. It is said to contain the spirits of a mother and her children.  It is said they appear in the mirror from time to time.
  • Haunted Wedding Dress of Anna Baker. She came from money and wanted to marry a lowly iron worker and her father sent him away. She never got married but it is said it dance in the glass case it is kept in.

That is just some of the items I found but I did not want to list them all cause there are sites upon sites that show in more details the items that are out there. So I caution you to be careful if you plan to look into or purchase an item. Take it seriously cause if the items are truly possessed or haunted they are no joking matter. So be safe.


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