Help with Poetry Idea?

I have been writing poetry since I was 11 years old maybe earlier. But I am sure it is the same for all. Someday there is nothing to write about. So you looks around in the world that you know hoping for a glimmer of inspiration. Sometimes in the dark or the light of things you see nothing that call to you. So you turn to those around you for ideas. That is what I am doing now. Looking to those on this site and those following me for a little help. Comment and list something you think I should write about .I have some poems on here and I tend to go to the dark and gothic side. Just the side I have always embrace. So please help me out if you can. Just need one sparkle to get me back on track.

Saying thank you inĀ advance. Thanks for reading this. Who knows maybe we will help each other and that makes us better writers in the end anyway*



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