I am sitting in my room and I am watching a movie I get when I was out with my sister today. I am eating cold pizza and looking around the room. I know that I am very unique. I see Phantom of the Opera on CD. I have hundred of  books stacked everywhere. There are CDs, DVDs, WWE stuff, the gothic postcards, pens, binders, and coloring books.  There is even my trusty companion: Pepsi, that has seen me through long nights studying, insomnia, and even the blues.

I have art work on my walls but not the things that most would One poster is a Wizard with a fairy in a bubble and the other is by Luis Royo. I see daggers, dragons, scented candles, beaded headbands, and wild sage I picked hanging near the door. There is even a stuffed animal pair on my bed. There is a Dark purple teddy bear with a black witch’s hat and a orange ribbon with bats on it. Her name is Amethyst. My mother gave her to me years ago for Halloween. There is another is a wolf. He is gray and white. His name is Mikie. He is name someone very close to me. His middle name is Michael. Just a little friend to keep me company when he is not close.

I am tried but this is the place I come to be just me. Here I don’t have to wear the masks I need to blend in with the rest of the world. Here I can be crazy, silly, goofy, and creative. This place allows me to show all of the emotions that are in. As a writer I need them all. I need something to be creative, but not sure what to do. I will have to look into it in the daylight hours.



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