feel_the_magic_by_estherpuche_art-d7pmdszI believe there is still magick in the world. One that makes miracles happen each and everyday. I have to believe that cause something out there is listen to our hopes and prayers. I believe in a higher power. I am not sure if it is a Goddess or God or even a Great Spirit.

I am truly not sure but I know that there is something. I feel it in the very heart of my being. I can see it in the flowers and the creek by my house. I can see it in the clouds and the mountains that I can see from my porch. I can see it in the eyes of my cat and the people I meet each day. I can hear it in the wind and in the voices of the people of my community. I cling to it in my very being and sound. I feel it with my heart and all that makes me who and what I am. I will hold on to that until the last breath leaves my body this go around.

I am sure I will still be the same when I come back to this place. Especially if I am just free to be me. My mother encouraged for me to be me. That is the best thing she could do. Allowing me to find my own magick in the world. I would never deny it. IT is so much a part of me that I am sure that it always will be. Cause it is all around me in everything and inspiring me all the time. So here is  to magick and all it wondrousness. I am feeling so much calmer now.


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