Dangerous Girl

Your eyes fall upon her

Her body covered in leather

Your mind is screaming

She is the kind of girl your mother warned you about

A dangerous girl….dangerous girl

She’s the type of girl

Who enjoys a little pain

Mixed in with her version of fun

To get her blood pumping

Her eyes flashing darkly

The ebon smirk on her lips

Gives a glimpse

Inside of her soul

It is wild and untamable

Holding tight to her freedom

She will never allow it to be taken

For that is one thing she will fight for

Now matter the price it will cost her

So beware

Danger is on its way

Taking all that she wants

Demanding what is hers by right

Expecting nothing less

That is just the way

She views life

Think you are man enough

To live in her world

Even for a single moment

In all that wildness

That is her way of life.


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