Mysterious Event

I know that Memorial Day has just passed, but I remember a time long ago when I was in my early teens. I have been thinking on it since that day. I am not sure what it really means. We had gone to the family cemetery to clean up and place flowers and little trinkets for the family. The adults kept tells us kids that we were getting in the way. So they told us to all go for a walk. So that is what we did.

Mind you that I live in the country and there is not much around the cemetery at the time. There are a few houses closer now. But at the time there was a lot of open area. We start walking and we go for what seems like hours and we find this downward slope and I just remember thinking how strange this location was. There was this rocky ledge in a complete circle but above it was a ring of pine trees. In the base of this pit was several stumps for sitting. But there was a very large rock in the middle. My cousins, sister and I all sat down and just rested and talked. We were there and the place felt safe to me. Like no harm could come to me will I was in this circle.

It felt like we have been there for a while and I just remember yawning and just as I was going to suggest we head back. I can hear my mother yelling that it is time to go. So we all climb out of the circle and head back for the family plot. But it only takes us about ten minutes to get back to the truck and the family. I looked back and it make me wonder. I went home that day and even as the years have passed I wondered about that day. Every time around this year I think about it. But I have never been about to find the location again. To top off the weirdness of that day I have asked my cousins and my sister several times over the years if they remember this event. They tell me they remember going on the walk but not the circle with the trees and rocks. It makes me wonder if it was a magickal place. Like the faery rings or magickal circles. I have been told the legends of the little people all my life. It is part of my culture.

I think it could have been the foundation of the strange things that would become part of my life. I have never been considered normal, but I have seen my fair share of strange things. From ghosts to hell-hounds. I would say it was crazy if I had not seen it with my own eyes and have witnesses with me. Even if later they could not recall it. I think that is how they remain secret by taking it from those who could not handle it. I will probably continue to think about it. Now maybe so will you.



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