Mystic Memories

I have been going over my journals that I have been keeping for years. I know that I am not a normal person. But what is normal? I have never stuck to the norm. I have written about all kind of things I have seen, but I have been told over and over again that I am crazy. Or that I have an over active imagination. I am an adult now and I still feel the same way cause I am still seeing these things. I have been told that it is from the books I read, the shows I watch, and what others have said. That is not the case. I have seen things with my own eyes that have no rhyme or reason. Even years later some are still as clear in my head as they were that day I saw them. Maybe cause they are more real than the shadow of the world of light that people take comfort in. They don’t want to see what is under the veil of darkness.

As a child I thought what I was seeing was just part of the world. I never saw anything wrong with seeing the dead, ghosts, spirits or other beings. My family never said anything was wrong with it. So I took it that it happens to everyone and it was just part of growing up. I learned years later in high school that was not the case at all. I said something without thinking about it and cause a room full of students to go utterly silent. It was during October in my sophomore English class. That our teacher asked up about how we would feel if we saw a ghost. I said it was nothing to be scared about. From that moment on I had people including adults that seemed almost scared or unsure about me. It was just the start of the weirdness that people would link to me. I had people avoid me and other call me the witch girl. It was all cause I live in a small community and a lot of people here have very closed minds.

I have seen many things. Some of them I can’t truly explain. The man with the green eyes and the carnation. The sliding wall. Or even the hellhound. I have seen ghosts and people in loops. Or just the sounds I hear. Sometimes it is people and other times it is music or just sounds I am unsure of what they are. Does not stop them from trying to communicate. I think that is why I have such strange dreams at times. Maybe I am over thinking all of this. Just it is there and I know it. Even if no one else believes me.

Until  meet again


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