It is probably my favorite genre. I love movies, books and even tv shows. Something just draws me to them. I guess it is the fact that I guess we all need the shit scared out of us now and again. That is what draws most people to the genre in the first place. Just to be scared. To get the heart and blood racing out of control, but in the end only to know that it can’t really hurt you.

That is why my friends and I even go to haunted houses. We went to one this passed Halloween. It was set up in a building on one of the local college campuses. In a building that is known to be haunted. We have to sign a waiver to go in and there was even a safe word if you wanted out. It was done by the medical students. The crazy part is you have to go in, in pairs. There were four in our group. So my sister and Cody went in first. We, Sam and I, had no idea what was going on inside. But I heard a loud scream and I told Sam that it had to be Joy. It seems that they were separated in there somehow. Next it was Sam and I, turn and we were taken into what was called the Safe Room. We were told the rules and tested to see if we were infected. We were told there is a strange affliction going around among those inside. I was tested first and it came back negative. Next Sam was tested and her arm turned green. She had the Affliction and was taken away for treatment. I was told to leans on the door and not let anyone into the Safe Room. Strange doctors and would peak in at me and things would push on the door I was leans on. When the person who tested and set it was time to go in, but I would not be going in alone. They put a medical strap on my arm and he told me I could not talk or touch anyone or I could get what they had. But I had to find Sam. If I did not she would have to stay until they closed. The flickering lights and screams had me very dizzy. I was being dragged along. They sprayed me with something and some of it got in my mouth. At first I spit it out only to realize it was chocolate and I was covered in it. With the lights flashing and the strange doctor dragging me I was trying to find Sam among the screaming people and sliding on the water floor. The only reason I see her is she put on purple gloves before we went in. I grab a hold of her and will not let go. They ask me if I want to save her. I say YES. We make for the exit and one last scare of a man with a chainsaw. We run out and our friends are waiting and we are all over to them. We tell each other what it was like in there.

The funny part about this was this second haunted attraction we gone to this night. But we also has to stop at Walmart before going home. We did not have spare clothing. So we got the strangest looks,.



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