Birthday Party?

Even as old as I am I have never had a birthday party. I have been to several over the years. But growing up my mother worked and had other things. So my birthdays would be my and my twin sister having dinner, cake and ice cream and a gift from our mother and grandparents. I just thought that was how birthdays were. I was wired that why that going to parties later it was strange and uncomfortable. It is still that way today. I mean I go out for my birthday now, but sometime not even that. I don’t care much about birthdays anymore. My sister she like to plan things and gets all worked up about it. I was 18 years old before I got my own cake and it was chocolate. For years the doctors told my sister she was allergic to chocolate. So it was vanilla or carrot cake for our birthday.

My birthday is months off but my sister I am sure is planning something. Just something she is into. I would not mind the cake but I don’t need gifts anymore.

Until next we meet


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