I used a mix of different incense to do my cleansing. The house seems brighter, but I am not feeling so well. My headaches have not gone away. I have taken something for it and doing what my doctor tells me to for them, but nothing seems to be helping. I guess it could just be this is all stressing me out. It could be all the worrying about my mother. I will just keep working on it. If not I am going to have to ask my mother and grandmother if its okay to bring in one of the Elders to do a blessing and cleansing. Maybe even some additional prayers. I have my fingers and toes crossed that it will not have to come to that. But this has been going one for a few days now and it is causing more problems than we need.

I will figure it out I hope. For those of you praying for my family I thank you. I wish I was blogging about happier things but this is real life. We all have bumps that come our way.

Until we meet again.



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