Day 3 of Weirdness!!!!

I thought things were getting but I think what is here is giving me headaches I am just hoping that they don’t cause a migraine. That is all that I need right now. *Rolls my eyes* I am doing the best to help my family. My sister has been out-of-town and she comes home tomorrow. I hope it does not bother her. She is working on her Masters in Library Science. She needs to focus on that. It is causing people not to sleep and me I just can’t stay asleep. That is hard when I have to work. Than I am not focused enough for work. See I work as in home health care. My mother did her cleansing her way. I think it is my turn to do it my way. In the morning I am going to get out my mixture of scents and try it.

Technically by morning it will be day four. But I can hope for a better day. I am getting a bit worn down by this. I was beginning to thing it was over but something petted me. It touched my hair. It was creepy. I have had it happen before but this one seemed to linger on and on. I am tired even as I write this and wondering if it could be watching me. I am not sure if I am scared or not. But my mother has to work to and it is not allowing her much sleep either. I am going to have to get up early if I want to cleanse the house before I have to go to work. Plus I have been called in earlier than normal. I should be sleeping already, but I am wondering if the dreams will come back. I dreamed all kind of bad things. Not sure it would make a good movie. Not exciting enough. But reality is a lot scarier than fiction. So if you are reading this  please keep my family in your prayers. We need the extra support. I also thing the storm that kept us inside added to the tension. I need al the angels and guardians on my side this time. I will keep you updated



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