It was strangely very quiet around the house today. But we kept seeing the ghost cat and hearing car door when there was no one in the drive way. I am not sure if the blessing and cleansing worked but everyone seems at rest now. I hope this is the end of the dark visitor that came to see us. I hope it has return to where it came from and does not come back to again. My mother was telling me today that someone at her work caused some trouble with the other and was let go. She believes she used old medicine to cause harm. I have heard tales, but never seen it first hand. That could be the cause. But you know what they say. There is always quiet before the storm.

I guess only time with tell if whatever it was is truly gone. Cause my headaches are gone and I have not taken anything for them today. So maybe the darkness is gone. I would love a Pepsi right now. I think it would help me think. I have not had one in a couple of days. I keep picking them up to drink but never seem open the can to take a drink. I will let you know if anything else happens. For now goodnight and sweet dreams.



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