She searches the whole day to find the ripe and most perfect thing to satisfy the craving that is taking over her mind. She needs it to be satisfied before she can move on with her life. Otherwise she will never be able to give anything else her full attention. Once she has it she heads for home. Upon her arrival she struggles to bring it into the house. Good that she parked in the back of the house so the neighbors would not see her struggle.

She lays her subject on the table trying to decide which knife would be the best for what she is planning to do. She moves her hands over the flesh and it is firm. Ripe for what she desires. She picks up the bread knife liking the teeth it has. It cuts through the skin and to the white below and finally the red dripping tender flesh deeper.

The crimson red liquid begins to flow out and all over the table to her dismay. She sighs as she licks her fingers. She switches to a chef’s knife as to not damage anymore of the flesh. She cleans up the wasted liquid before she continues. Cutting thin slices to place on her plate. There is a lot skill required for this task. To bruise the flesh would ruin the taste. She looks at the table salt and shakes her head, but instead decides to go for the more earthly sea salt. Knowing that it will bring out the flavor of the delightful and delicate morsel.

Once seasoned to her liking she brings the first bite to her lips. Chewing it slowing so she may enjoy it. It is the first of this seasons cravings. For sure there will be more. She dabs her lips with the pure white napkin. She smiles as she finishes her treat…..Watermelon.


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