Online Friends?

I have been having a lot of issues lately and it have been cutting into my blogging time. But ever notice when you really need someone they are never there. This has been happening to me a lot more often. I have been playing online games for a long time. I have made online friends. But just when you think you know them that is when they abandon you. I am done playing this game of follow the leader. They left and I am going to stay on the game I am on. I was very upset when I was told they would not be coming back. I have been playing with someone of them for over 2 years. I am just going to move on. I have made some new connections. They make me laugh and I am feeling better.

Thanks to the times we had together and the memories we have shared. I wish you luck and happy life. But I have had enough. It might not have been meant to hurt me but it did.



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