Readers? Writers? Writers and Readers?

I have been wondering this a long time. Do you think that it is easier to figure out a book if the person reading it is also a writer? I have noticed over the years as a writer myself that sometimes I can figure the book about half way through before I even get to the plot twist or the big reveal. I have been wrong a few times. I guess it is cause some of the little hints a long the way is similar what I would do as a writer. So do writers make good reviewers and readers? I am guessing they do. It is cause they know where the author is coming from cause they are having some of the same struggles with their own work. A reader who is not a writer might now fully understand who writing can become part of one’s life and some become famous from that ambition. But sometimes it can consume the whole life that sometimes one just needs a breaker. It almost means just cause a book is done does not mean it has to be released right a way. A true fan would not know that.

I guess I am getting a little off target. I have been doing a lot of reading. I love books. I read hundred of them a year. I have a kindle, but nothing beats have a new book. Does not matter if it came from a new or used bookstore. It is something that just feel great. Another new adventure and another character to get to know. It is wonderful.

Tell what you think on this topic. Maybe you have an opinion and maybe you don’t just something I have had on my mind. I just needed it to be out there.



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