Ghosts of the Past Return

The ghosts of our past often return to show you that they have not left your life at all. The ghosts that I am talking about are not the kind that have passed from this world to the beyond. I am talking about people from your past. A girl that I was friends with back in my high school and very early college days. Then there was a fight and a lot of harsh words. Then there were years where only my sister would talk about her. I never thought that I would have to talk to her let alone see her. But my sister invited her to have ice cream. I did not know she was coming I knew that she was in town. So we sat outside the local Dairy Queen and I did my best to avoid the situation. I did not do that very well. Joy (my sister) told me something about books and that started every one of the four of to talk.

I thought that would be that last time I saw her while she was here. But that was far from the truth. My sister and a few friends get together on Wednesdays to do something together. We call it game night. But sometimes we going to dinner or movies or actually play board games. Or even sing Karaoke. Last night was game night it was dinner and a movie. We had gone to see Magic Mike XXL. But dinner did not take all that long so we decided to go to a local bar and visit a bartender that my sister is friends with. Her name is Megan. I noticed my sister was on her cell texting someone. Seems she invited her to the game night. One of the girls cancelled. Her baby through a fit and made her cry so she did not end up going with us. But the Ghost walked in the door and talked with us a bit. Than gave a spoiler for a tv show that my sister and one of the girl has not gotten to yet. Did not bother me I am not watching that show and did not care. As it turned out she sat next to me in the movies as well. She talked about working at Starbucks and now working with children. I listened and nodded a time or two. We talked about I still doubt that we will ever be friends again. She makes me a little uncomfortable. I guess that is just how life works. I am sure there is not a person on the planet that has not got through this a time or two.

It just makes me a little crazy. I know I probably think of something from my past on a daily basis, but there are times that I would rather it just remain in my head and not as a solid and breathing person or people who are right in my face.



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