The House with the Circle Drive.

I have been dreaming about this strange house in the woods with a circle drive. In the middle of the drive is a large marble fountain. There is a lot of green plants and trees.  There is a large double door iron gate that leads to the circle drive. I am not sure why I dream of this place. Each time I learn a little more with each new visit. It is a nice house. I have told others of it, but they keep saying it is my dream house.

  • White two story house with black trim
  • A two level garden. There is a circular altar in this garden
  • There is a large porch with a swing.
  • The main stairway is dark wood tone.
  • There are marble columns in the dinning room. There is a picture over the fireplace between the two columns.
  • The kitchen is huge.

To tell the truth about this house it gives me the creeps. I just don’t feel safe or secure in the house. I have still trying to figure if it is a real place or just in my head. I have been dreaming about it for decade or more now. I even used it in a short story for creative writing class in college a couple of years ago. But it seems when I am the loneliest or feeling lost or scared I dream of this place. Only once have I dreamed of this place when it was dark. It is even more grim and eerie. I have only seen one of the bedroom and I think it was the master bedroom. It has a two door entry. A large four post bed and done is black and white velvet on the bed with many pillows. It has a balcony with long black curtains.

It is nothing close to the Blue and White Victorian that is actually my dream home. With an Attic with a writing space. A large Wine cellar with merlot and rose wine in it. A huge library. I am not sure if the Creepy House has any of this stuff cause I have not been able to explore it all. Maybe one day I will. It is kind of like finding new pieces of myself.

Here is to what I have left to explore…….




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