Dream Artemis Blake


I am Dream Artemis Blake. I may appear to be a normal girl. But I feel that I am different. I am what the magick world calls a Dreamwalker or even a Dreamweaver. I don’t always have control of it, but I have been on a few adventures. Sometimes it talks a lot out of me. That is the downside to be a college student. I have to find time for school, work and my magickal talents. I thought maybe it would help a little if I shared a some of my experiences here with the world. Most say they don’t remember their dreams. Not only do I remember them, but I have some control over what takes place in them. One thing I don’t always have control of is where I end up.

I know that might come off as a bit strange, but all I can say is welcome to my world. It is a bit tiresome, but that is how it goes. I have to get used to it. Each new dream is an adventure and not all of them go the way I want them too. I would like to know if dreams are really dreams at all or little trips to other realms that the soul takes. I hope to learn that as my journeys continue. Thank you for taking the time to meet me.





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