Dreamscape 1.


This is where I dreamed of the last night. It does not seem real. I try to take control of it, but the more and more I walk in the direction of the moon. It was like the road does not have an ending. There is no one else around, but someone keeps whispering in my ear to run. There was nowhere to go. I kept looking back because I have the feeling someone is behind me. I stop and turn around for I am tired of running. There is not a soul in sight.

“Who are you? Why am I here? I can feel this is not all dreamscape. I can feel the mind of another and I need to know what you want from me to pull me to this Scape.”

I was not surprised when I did not get an answer. It was just like that sometimes. I get the feeling that the person who needs my help does not know it. They called out for help unaware they have called for help. So sometimes I will be pulled back to the same location. I am not sure if that cause here or not. I do know this is the first time I have come to this highway. I am getting the impression this person is lost and is not sure where they want to go. It is not always teenagers or young people that call out to those like me. I would be foolish to think I am the only one like this. I just know that I have to help them. I have come across a lot of adult that need a little push or good word. It does not always take a lot to help people. Especially when they think it comes from inside of them.

“Hello, whoever is called me here needs to talk to me. I can feel you are close. I am not going to hurt you. I have only come here cause you have called me here. I am a person just like you are. We all need a little help sometimes. You have to know that you are not alone. You just have to understand that part of this is real and you just have to wake up for it to go away.”

Dream sits up in bed and holds her head cause the person who’s dreamscape she was in woke up. So she was forced out and that can be a bit draining. It takes a lot to take control of a dream. Not all can do it and some even pick not to embrace the gift.

“I am going to have a headache after this one. One of the weirdest ones yet.”

She looks at the clock and it is only 6am. She still have time to get some sleep before she has to go to her classes. She lays back on her pillow and tries to piece this all together. She grabs the journal she keeps next to her bed and writes what she remembers from the dream encase she is ever pulled back to that place again. She has not picked a name for it yet and she can’t put a name of the person to it. But still need to keep notes about it for herself. It is not like there is a Dream Council out there. She rolls her eyes thinking how crazy that would be after all this time doing this dreamwalking.


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