Nightmarescape 1.


Dream gets out of bed and hurries off to her classes doing her best to keep her focus on this reality for now. But the Scape from last night is sticking with her. There was something wrong with that and she is not sure why this one bugs her. She has been doing this for most of her life. She will have to figure this out soon. She is walking through campus with her headphones singing along. Music is what she use to clear her head and keep her moving forward.

Even over the music she is still hearing a voice in the back of her head that tells her she has to solve this. That there is someone who needs her help, but it laughs at her and tells her that it is not going to be all this easy.

*                       *                    *

Dream comes home to her apartment and she is all but dead on her feet for she had a late study group tonight. She drops her bag by the door and kicks off her shoes off. She sighs as she moves to her room and changes for bed. She is so tired that she does not even think of what closing her eyes will bring her way.

When she wakes up in the dreamscape it is dark and there is this eerie feeling that tells her she is in a Nightmarescape. They are a lot more difficult to control than normal dreamscapes. Cause they can turn at any moment into something else. She sees the arched door before her. She is always a little worried about door cause she is never really sure where she is going to end up. By looking at the door she did notice that this was a double door. That means it belongs to someone important. She starts to walk towards the door.

“I would not do that if I were you. To pass through that door there is no coming back. I thought it was about time that you and I met. I know you have no idea who I am or what I am about to tell you. Of course there is two sides to everything. We both have to answer to someone. You to the Dream Council and me to the Nightmare Council. I am Luka by the way. “

Dream backs up a few steps as she turns to look at him. Which brings her close to the door but further away from him. She is doing her best to take him in. He is not someone she has seen before. A lot of what he is saying has her a little confused. There has never been anyone she has to answer too. Nor does she know anything about a Dream Council. It makes her think there might be more to this whole game.

“So you are one of the dark forces behind all the dark dreaming going on. We were not given this gift to hurt people or ruin dreams. It is to help and keep hope a live for all”

Luka laughs as he hears her say all of this. His dark green-gold eyes are on her. He has the eyes of a predator and that she is the prey that he wants out of his way most of all. This makes Dream just looks back at him ready to fight if it comes to that.

“I can see the uncertainty in your eyes. Some of what I am saying does not make any sense to you. I am guessing the Council for your side has not found you yet. Strange since you are one of the strongest Dreamwalkers that I have come across in a very long time. You have helped a lot of people and even messed up some of my Nightmarescapes. I am not going to let you stand in my way. So this is the only warning you are going to get. Back off Dream Baby. Or I will have no choice but to turn my powers on you. “

“What makes you think that I am scared of you. I don’t have to threaten you to get my point across. Plus I am not scared of the Dreams Realms. There is so much more possible here then in reality. “

“Just remember what I have said and you will be fine. Cross me and I will make it personal and you don’t want me coming after you. I am the best there is on this side of reality. I think I have been at this longer then you have. So go back to playing with your books Dream Baby. “

Dream so what to give this cocky prick a piece of her mind, but he walks passed her to walk through the door. She can only stare at the door as he just gave her the best lead on him. There is a legend that say each Dreamwalker has their own personal door and this one before her has to be his. She watches him leave and wonders if he knows who he is talking too. She has always claimed that she was born of this work. That is how she knows a lot of its secrets. She does not want to wake up but something tells her she better for if he wakes up and kicks her out she will not like the end result. So she forces herself away.

Once she is awake and has her journal she draws all the details of the door. She writes down all she remembers about him. Even sketching a little picture of him. She is going to have to look into this whole things with the Councils and see what else she has not been told. Which is everything since she has been doing this all alone for years. This makes her smile that she is not going through this alone like she assumed but there are more both light and dark dreamwalkers out there. It makes her wonder why it was only now that she is coming across them. Just something else she has to figure. She lays back holding the book to her chest as she thinks about all of this.


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