Researching Dream Councils


Dream is armed with all this new information and she takes it to the Private Collection at the University. She needs to hit the Occult section. That is where she might find some leads. She got a pass from the Dean of Students for a little research. She finds herself a table and gets out a new spiral journal and a pen. She moves to the section on dreams and anything related to them. She pulls a couple of books and sits down for a very long day. There has to be something on them if they truly do exist. She stacks the books on the table and takes the first one and starts to go through them. She does not find anything in the first three or four hundred pages. Then here is a symbol of a moon and a sun. It is not as an Eclipse. It is said to mark the Elders of the Realms of Dreams. There are only 13 at any given time. Not two Councils but one. Maybe up of both light and dark dreamwalkers.

“I am sure what to believe. I need a way to sort the facts from the lies. There has got to be more to this story. “

Dreams looks for journals or any personal papers that can tell her anything about this hierarchy of the Dream Realms. The think is she is not sure where to look next. It is not like there is a Dream Library. She rolls her eyes cause the last time she said that it turned out there was a Dream Council. She is not sure who to turn to, to ask for help. It is not like anyone she told would believe her in the first place. Kind of a solo job when it comes to taking a walk through someone else’s dreams and even your own. She makes some notes in her journal to post on a few message boards and other online walls if there is any legends and/or mythology about the Dream Realms. So that she can see what those that came before her left behind her as knowledge to be gained.

She does not like being alone in this if there are others out there that are dealing with it as well. She will have someone maybe to answer her questions or just to tell her that she is not losing her mind in all of the realm travels. She puts the books back and leaves the place the way she find it. Deciding she is going to need food and time to come up with another plan.


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