Dream’s Library


Dream has become very frustrated at how little she has found when she went to the University Library. IT has been on her mind for days.  There does not seems to be anything  helping her find out if there is more to this Dreamwalker gift. She does not want to believe Luka. He is the only other of her kind has met in all of her time doing this. So if there is him there has to be others. There is so little on these councils. She falls back on her bed and she is feeling like she is failing. There is nothing that she can do about this and it is making her feel like she is losing her mind. She knew that she needed answers but the only thing that is, is where to get them.

Dream decides that she will go to bed and pray for a little help and guidance. That is all she can do right now until she can come up with a better idea. It could take months or even years before she can make any sense of this mess. It does not take her long to fall asleep for she has been worn out for days with all the stress that she has been putting on herself. Before now it was just her helping others with their dreamscapes and their dreams for the future, but Luka made a mess of her work.

Maybe it could true and that would just makes this whole thing more complex. She is working herself up and before long she just passes out. She was hoping for answers, but what she got when she woke in front of a large oak door with iron scroll work on it. She looks at it and not sure if she should go in or not. She looks around the room. There are not other doors. There are not even any windows. There is a large glowing crystal hanging from the ceiling.

“Where in the Realm of Dreams am I? I have never seen anything like this before. I hope it is okay for I am going out of my mind. I guess there is no other choice but to go in. ”

She walks to the door and turns the iron handle and it feels warm in her hand. When the door opens the room is flooded with light. She sees that it is a library and a massive one at that. She is just about to ask where she was when the voice speaks to her. It belongs to a woman who tells her she is in the Dream Library. That makes her laugh cause her name is Dream does that makes the library hers. She shakes that off and makes her walk further in to the room.

“I need information on anything related to or about the Dream Councils. Plus any information about Dreamwalkers and Dreamweavers. I need this to help put my mind at ease. I feel like I am going into this gift blind. Like I am all alone in this matter.  I have no one to talk to about any of the craziness.”

A few parts of the library shelves light up to show her where to look. She moves to start her research and knows that she could be in this place for years at this rate. There are a lot of books in this place.

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