Going Somewhere?

I have been having these dreams as of late. In each one of them my sister, my cousin Sam and I seems to be going somewhere. I did notice in all of them that we never go to those places. I would wake long before that. I told my sister about them today. Each did have something else in common. Each had a food item in them. The first was a bottle of soda. Chips was the item in second one.  It was candy in the last one. I know that is crazy.

It could be that I want to go somewhere or that I am just a person who is not sleeping enough. I only sleep for a few short hours. Then I am up tossing and turning. I have been having a lot of headaches and migraines because of this. It is making me very frustrated and shorting my temper. I think I am even getting under people’s skin that I am kind of pulling away from people.

I am working on fixing it, but not sure I want to go to the doctor for not being able to sleep. I remember a time when I went to bed praying not to dream because I used to have some wicked nightmares. I guess I can’t really say used to for they still come back to haunt me now and again. Anyway my eyes are starting to hurt. That could only mean that it is time for bed. Who knows what that will bring. Ni ni all.



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