Wondering About Commericals

I have been wondering about a couple of commercials I have seen on tv. They have me wondering why the food on those commercials have to eat each other. So gives me the impression that the foods are cannibals. That to me is a little weirder then normal. I normally like weird but this to be is a little to odd for even me. If it had only been one commercial then I think I could have let it go, but it was not just one.

Like the Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Those Squares are crazy since in the commercial one seems to eat the rest. That one squares seems to really happy about have the cinna-milk. I know this must be a strange post but I just could not let it go. It was just bugging me.

There is also the Lays potato chips that have Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head eating the chips. There has been several versions of this commercial. A potato eating potatoes is just off the wall. I think it was supposed to be fun or goofy but it just did not come off that way to me. Especially since in one of the commercials it shows Mr. Potato Head trying to hide who he is when he goes in to by chips. It is like he thinks he is doing something wrong.

This is only my opinion of course. Others might not see these commercials as I do. I just had to give my opinion on the matter cause it was kind of bugging me. What do you think on this matter or had you noticed or even thought about it? Have a good day.



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