Slices.jpgI love pizza and I was so tired yesterday and my sister brought me pizza. My favorite is Canadian bacon and pineapple. I have not decided if I like bed on hand tossed or thin crust. It all depends on the mood that I am in. I love pizza with sides. In our hours it wings, bread sticks and sometime even a night green garden salad. It seems like family and friends around having pizza is amazing. We play games or watch a movie or just visit and catch up.

That first bite just seems to do something. It reminds me of all the memories that I share with my family. I know that everyone has their own favorites. Whether it is homemade or take out. It is something special with all of our favorite toppings. Or with all the new spins people are making. I can still remind the first time I ate flat bread pizza. It was wonderful. Or even hot wing pizza. It was so spicy. I could only eat one piece. IT was made as a surprise for my birthday at work a couple of years ago. My department forgot or did not care, but the kitchen staff made pizza, wings and cake for me. It was so amazing that it made me cry. Did not get to enjoy it to log had to hurry back to the floor.

I love the memories we get from having food. I am actually eating a piece of left over pizza. Mmmm….yummm…..




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