When Dreams and Reality Collide


Dream is running late for a study group and she is not looking where she is going and runs literally into someone. This sends her backpack as well as her to the ground. She looks at the person she has run into. He has unique hair for sure. It is black, blue and purple and that hangs to the center of her back and when he turns those purple cat eyes to her. It makes Dream gasp a little before she can help herself. He does not seem to pleased to see her.

<Tegan> You need to be more careful. I think you might be a danger to the rest of the world.

It is takes another moment or two for her to pull herself back together, but she has a feeling she and this person are never going to get along. He seems to form opinions at lightning speed. Dream gets herself back to her feet and she gathers up her stuff and nods to him.

<Dream> I will keep that in mind for the next time I get so busy and forget an appointment. Have a good day now.

She nods to him and hurries on her way and she is almost to the library when this guy with red spiked hair runs by her. Causing her to stop and watch him. She is beginning to think this is one those days she would have just stayed at home and studied cause this world is too crazy. She has to remember it is college and all of that is just crazy and strange. Maybe not as strange and weird as hers, but this is taking a close second. After the guy gets the Frisbee he comes back towards her and throws it back to the other guy before coming right up to her.

<Reign> I am sorry that I almost took you out. I am just getting in to the game and kind of have tunnel vision.

<Dream> Call it karma. I literally already ran into someone back there. I am later for a study group. If I have the time I would talk more, but if I don’t hurry Samantha will have my head.

She waves and hurries on her way and she get there and Samantha glares at her for being late once again. Dream just takes her place at the place and they get down to studying for the upcoming test.

*                *                  *

About two or three hours later Dream exits the library with her classmates. She waves to them as they are all going off to do other things. The only thing on Dream’s mind is food. She need to get some fuel before she can carry on with the rest of her day. She is just about to her truck when she sees the tri-colored haired guy again. He is actually leaning against her truck and this has her worried. She slowly makes her way over to the truck and opens the driver’s side door and puts her backpack behind her seat.

<Tegan> YOU? Why did it have to be you.  You are Dream Blake? You and I need to talk right now.

<Dream> I am Dream. I don’t have the time to talk to you right now. I have to get something to eat and I still have two papers, reading and an online quiz I have to take. Maybe later in the week if that is possible.

<Tegan> Sorrena, told me tell you hello. She did not say you were this much of a pain in the ass.

Dream looks over at him and she is a little pissed that she has to deal with these jerks in her dreams not they have to come into her reality too. That is not something that she wants to deal with.

<Dream> Sorrena? The Elf warrior? I don’t much care for her and I am going to tell you the same thing I have told Her and Luka. I am not interested nor will I ever be interested in joining either side. I have been on my own with this since I was a child. Why are you all showing up now? I have asked this over and over now. No one seems to have an answer to that question.

Tegan looks at her like she has lost her mind and moves closer to her and this only makes Dream back up and she comes against someone who is very solid. She looks up and over her shoulder and sees that the guy who was playing Frisbee is behind her.

<Dream> It is okay. I am just leaving. I have a lot of other stuff to do…

She notices that the guy behind her is not looking at her but at the man in front of her and she gets the impression that they know each other. There is this tension that is clogging up the air.

<Tegan> What are you doing here, Reign? You have no business being here. I am going to take care of all this.

<Reign>  Tegan, I see you are still that sunny laid back guy we all know and love. I am getting the impression that you are making her uncomfortable and being far to pushy. I am sure someone has told you that you have to back off a bit.

<Dream> Hold it….both of you Dreamwalkers? I don’t need this today or any other day. My Dreams and Reality are not supposed to collide. The more separate the better. Now if you both will excuse me. I need food and get back to my homework.

She moves to get out from between them and puts her hand up to keep them from talking to her anymore and she is feeling this is going to keep happening and that is the last thing she needs.

<Dream> Before I go know this. You can each tell whoever you answer to that I am not interested and I want to be left alone. They don’t want to make an enemy of me.

She looks at them both to see if they have got the message and then gets in to her truck. She drives off and gets a few blocks way to this little café. She parks and puts her head on the wheel.

<Dream> Goddess, you are so cruel. Those two were sexy as hell. But now they are off the table because of who they carry on with. Oh well…..

Dream just has to sigh and see what or who is going to try to take over on her life in this realm or another. She gets out to go eat and will worry about the rest at a later time.




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