Holiday Blues

I always get a little down at this time of year. I think it is because I miss a lot of the family that is no longer with us. I remember the large family I used to have but like time nothing is forever. We still get together for the holidays just in a much smaller group.  We went out to get some of the stuff for Christmas dinner, but I think the cold weather and crazy drivers made it a bit more of a downer. I need to teach myself a little more patience I think. I have to learn not to take things so personally. I am not a perfect person by any means, but I am trying to work on that.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I feel a little lonely at this time of year and there is nothing that I can do to fix that. The people I am missing are gone, but I do keep them in my heart. I will for all of my days. I have all the memories with them and that is what I am trying by best to get me through all of this. There will always be something missing since they are no longer here. But family and friends are what the holidays are about and not all that stuff on the walls, tree or house.

Keep looking to the stars.


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