I have been thinking that I am going out of my mind. It has been happening more and more often. I get this ringing in my ears that makes me dizzy and tired. I thought it had something to do with my ears but I have had that looked into and nothing is wrong with my ears. It used to only happen once or twice a year. Now it happens more and more. A few times a month, but now they are showing me images. I see clearing in the woods with a stone chair, walking on a walk made of stones that is a long a dirt road and the strangest part of all the voices. The conversations that give me the impression of eras long passed.

The reason I am posting this now is because I just had this happen to me again only this time the image was sad and heart-breaking. I could hear the voices that young woman holding the young man in her lap. I knew he was dead and she was crying. Which is what I think made me cry. I have been told I am very empathic. It would explain the strange and quick changes of mood for no reason at all. I am doing my best to work this out even with tears running down my face. I know this is a blog and not my personal diary. I just trying to make sense of something that has been happening to me so long that I am not sure what it means and why it is happening to me. I would not wish this on anyone. It makes me weak and tired after, but also my head pounds like crazy. There is also the spike in my temperature for a short time. I know that I am not making any sense, but what in this day and age really does anymore.

I was reading before this one. I am siting at my desk and trying to not get lost in my emotions. I will keep looking into it. If I find anything I will let you all know. Or if you have ideas for me comment and let me know. I may be beyond help right now.

Keep looking to the stars…..

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