I have been so trying to get back into my reading habits and I have not done a lot of reading this year. I believe I have only read about 10 books this year and most of them in the month of December where I have read 7 right now. I have been out of work for a while now and that does stop me from being able to purchase books right now. But I still wanted more so I went back to something I have not done in while and that is getting to know more about the authors I love and hold dear. Which is not a bad think. IT comes with some perks.

I have joined a lot of Street Teams, Review Groups and ARC Teams. Which has worked out great. Now I have a nice list of books to read and review. I have a TBR book and they areĀ listed in there. I have been trying to organize them and get them together and going to start taking them down one at time. I would love to read over a hundred books in 2017. That is my goal anyway. We will have to see how that work out. I remember in my youth a read a lot more and this year just has not been good for me. I am going to make it better with a few good books. I am going to try to read at least 3 more books this years. I know it is the holidays, but that should not turn me away from reading

So happy reading all and I hope you have met you reading goals for the year.


So keep looking to the Stars…..



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