Death’s Servant-Book Review



I want to start by saying I got this book free for signing up for C. J. Ellisson’s newsletter. I was looking for new authors to read and came across her page and have been directed back a few more times by giveaways and contests. So I broke down today and finally read it. I am going to tell you now I should have read it earlier. Death’s Servant is a prequel to the V V Inn Series.  It focus around Jonathan Stephen Winchester and his journey to help others of his kind. Most of the book takes place in Virginia, but it did start out in Canada.

The cast of characters is a variety of personality and bold and forward. It opens my eyes to reading more books in the series after reading this prequel. I am not normally a person who picks a main character as my favorite, but Jon really spoke to me in this book. I can’t want to read more to find out what happens to him in the books to come.  It is not a very long book. It only took me about an hour and a half to read. I would recommend it to others. I love werewolves and vampires. A good first read for C. J. Ellisson.



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