Goldilocks and the Three Bear Shifters – Book Review.



This is a book a got from joining an ARC group for Sable Sylvan. I was a little worried about reading these. I have never read a shifter series that was not wolves or a feline of some kind. So I went in thinking that it was going to turn me off to reading them. This story follows Goldilocks Evans as she comes back to her five-year high school reunion. She so does not want to be back in her hometown. She meets up with friends from her past and on a journey of emotions.

Of course there are three bears in the book. There are Brian, Glen and Cliff. They are damn fine and completely different in personality and most of their wants. I would have to say that of the three guys Cliff would have to be my favorite character. The setting for this book is in a town called Port Jameson that is not all that far from Seattle. I think the flow the book was a good pace.

This book did not talk me all that long to read. Maybe two hours. I enjoyed it very much and can’t want to read the next two. I think this will help me branch out in to other shifter series now. Thanks for the eye-opening experience.


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