Happy New Year

Well we are little more than 12 hours in to the new years. I am sitting here at the computer knowing that I want to add something other than book reviews to my blog. I know that I have been doing that a lot as of late. But I like to give my opinion now that I have started to read more. I did not do a lot of reading in 2016. I would love to change that. There are a lot of goals that I have set for myself in the coming year. They are personal, reading and some writing. The writing goals are not only for the novels I wish to write, but also my poetry. I have not written a poem in a while. I need to fix that. That used to be how I got my emotions out and was not locked into all of those feelings.

Another thing I would like to try to do this year is to share some of me work. I know I have shared some of my poetry on here and I have tried to share a story, but life happens that pulled me away from my blog. I am going to try to see that does not happen all that much this year. I have stack of books on my best that I would love to read. IT is part of my TBR list of books. There is 19  books in that pile. I want to read all of them before 2017 is over. I should not be buying more books if I can’t read the ones I already own.

Well happy new years from my family to yours. I hope your 2017 show and has a lot of promise and surprises. I am looking forward to different and exciting. A new beginning for us all.


Keep looking to the Stars…..


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