Scandalous-(Prequel and Novel)- Book Review


I got this book for free as an ARC from the author. I got the prequel free as well. The prequel was a short two chapter nibble that just pulled you into the world of these characters. The real meal was the full novel. I devoured it in just a few hours. It was so good I had to read it twice to make sure I did not miss anything in wanting to read is so much. It is all center around Michael Anders running for re-election as mayor of the City that Never Sleeps. You guessed it NYC in the house. There is also his stepson Lance Anders who a player in the how steam romance. It was all toe curling hot and sexy. Then there is the breathtaking and bold Jocelyn Carter.

It is a novel that grabs a hold of you and takes your for a ride that you might not be ready for, but you will never regret it. It is full of twist and highs and never fails to make you melt. It had me sitting on the end of my chair wondering how it would all go down. There is a lot of having to fan yourself in this book ladies. If you are in to the whole bad boy with a heart this book is for you. It will leave you breathless but longing for more.



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