Client 5- Book Review



I got this book a little bit go after I joined the newsletter for Alexis Angel. It was not a free book I purchased this one. I guess I have something for the bad boy in the bad boy romance. Another sexy and passion run through NYC. The story is set around Bad Boy Billionaire Arsen Hawke and the sensual bombshell Ashley Lane. Once I got started on this book just a couple of hours ago I could not stop. I wanted to see how the  story progressed. This book had me wanting more and with each new page I fell more into their world. It gave me the impression that I was a little too involved in their passionate and smutty love affair. I just could not look away.

It is was a ride that I would love to take again. I would love for there to be more to their story cause one will never be enough. Or maybe bonus lost chapters or something. Reading this book was like emotional ecstasy and I am in need of another fix. I am sure Alexis will have something new for us readers soon. I am waiting with held breath. There is one scene that had my heart racing and just about beating out of my chest. That was the alley scene. I am not going to tell you much more than that. You are going to have to read and find out exactly what I mean. *fans myself just thinking about it* What are you waiting for go out and get it. Yummmy…….


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