Desired By the Pack- Book Review.


I have always loved werewolf books. There is just something about all that primal energy that is park of the pack and makes the heart race out of control. There is something about the way the alpha pair has power. Well enough about my obsession with wolves.

This books centers around a set of unlikely lovers name January Cabot and Thomas Becker. Beck is the Alpha for the Peace River Guardian pack. He is looking for a woman who just walked away from him years ago. He is on pack business when their path mysterious cross again. She is fighting the connection between them and he just want to get closer. All of his primal instructs are screams for him to do what the wolf demands of him.

I have not always been in to BBW books. Actually as I was reading this book I did not get the impression that it was one. It had little hints to it but I just assumes she was a little curvy.


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