Three Grizzlies Gruff- Book Review


This is the third book in the Bear-y Spicy Fairy Tale series. It takes place in Port Jameson, Oregon. Daisy Craston comes from Texas to take over her grandfather’s farm with Marionberries and Honey. She is not thrill with the three Williams making their way there her farm. She threatens them bears with the sheriff since she does not want them on her land. That is when she gets to meet Bill Shepherd, Wylie Jackson, and Liam Donovan. They want access to her land to be able to attend Clan events and she makes them play a toll to do this. They are to help her with the harvest of the marionberries on the weekends from dawn until dusk. Who could have amazed that something sweet like berries and honey could bring people together.

Well that is exactly kind of how it happens. You are going to have to read it yourself to get the full set of sexy and sensual details. I know that I have read three of her books now and they are fun, warm and breathtaking to read. I enjoyed the book and the others that were in this series. I had never read anything like this series and it makes me look forward to more bear adventures in the future. I would like my own sexy teddy bear.


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