Dirty Liar- Book Review



I have never read a mob or mafia book before and I went in with a few doubts being Irish myself. I was not complete ready for what I was about to read. I thought it was going to go one way but there were a lot of twist to keep my mind working and going in all kind of directions. I was glad that I got to read this book and dip my toes in something new. That has been happening to me a lot this year. I am just a couple of books short of reading as many books as I did in all of 2016. I have read 11 books this year and only read 14 last year.

Well the novel takes place in Chicago and the is the Irish Mob being run by Flynn O’Brien. He is a harden man who wants to do the best that he can for his Brothers. Those are the members of his Syndicate. They are making deals with the Russian mob. But everything goes sideways when there is a bust and both sides start to point fingers that someone has a rat in their group. Introduce an Irish lass to the mix and it turns up the heat in more ways than one.

There where more than once I was yelling and cussing and wanting to jump in the book and join the fight. Or my hands came to my mouth in surprise or anger. That shows good writing. It brings the reader right into the thick of things. I want to read the second part of this soon.


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