Vampire CEO Part 1- Book Review



I was asked to read this book as an ARC for the author in exchange for a review. I was not sure what to expect from this books since it is the first part of three-part set. It a good foundation for the book. There were a few surprised that I should have seen coming but did not right off-hand.

The book takes place in one of the most magickal cities in the world and that is New Orleans. Abigail Blanchard is a witch, but not just a simple witch. Her mother is the High Priestess of the coven. She wants her daughter to follow in her footsteps. Abigail just wants to be on her own and make her way in the world. That is how she meets her steamy hot boss Sebastian Storm. She is feeling a little strange that she is being hired to be a night secretary. As she settles into her job she finds out a lot of things about her mysterious boss.

There is always more room for mysterious connection that keeps drawing them together. It is more than just blood. That is for sure.



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