Stroke- Book Review


I did not know anything about this book when I took it on as an ARC. I know that it was a Bad Boy Romance I did not know that it was a Mafia or crime family book. I went in a little blind and I have to say it made discovering parts of it along the way very enjoyable. I have to say that I love the names in this book. I am beginning to believe I love the mafia romances. I have going to have to look into reading more them.

This book centers around Vito Cirincione and he is disowned by his father for ruining their good name. This makes his switch side and working for a crime family but he still has something about drugs on the streets for this is what killed his little brother when he was forced to leave home and Carlo has no one to look up to or shadow. Well one of his tasks sends him to Miami from NYC and he mess the sassy and sexy Isabella Rojas or just Bella. I am not really even sure how to describe their whirlwind of a relationship. It has a lot of ups and a few downs. It took me for a ride in the dark side. I would love to read more books by Gabby Grace. This is my first taste of her work.


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