Smart Choice- Book Review


I got this as an ARC and the time I got it I did not know that there were more books in the series. I get the impression that they are standalone novels. But there are two that come before in this series. I was not really sure what I would be reading when I saw that it said Arranged Marriage. I almost did not read it. I am glad I did I would have been missing out on a style I have never considered before.

This takes place in California where Devon comes to meet her and his family comes with him and Stpehany is feeling like she is on try and this does not go well for them. He does not even really look at her and violating the no alcohol rule on the first date. It leaves there world kind of on rocking standing. This one is a little off the path for a modern day romance is they are through a service that is run by Raven Swann. She was not sure he was involved for the right reason, but he kept his folder open. Wondering Devon is the Smart Choice for Stephany. If you want to know how it turns out you will have to get a copy and get all the juicy details.


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